On-Demand Bus (AnrufLinienFahrt (ALF))

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On-Demand Bus (AnrufLinienFahrt (ALF))

On-Demand Bus systems in the VRM area are known as “ALF” (Anruf-Linien-Fahrt) or in some areas also “AST” (Anrufsammeltaxi), these are mostly offered at times when the demand is not sufficient for the operation of a regular bus service.

Minibuses or taxis are usually used for these services.

According to the requirements of the service provider, the trip request must usually be made one day prior to the planned start of the trip.  Although in some cases this can be as little as 30 minutes

When using ALF services, our VRM tariff applies.  For the AST services there may be additional company or special tariffs applied. The respective transport company can provide information on the amount of any AST surcharge to be paid. The telephone numbers to arrange these services can be found on the relevant bus timetables.