How much does a trip in the VRM cost?

Since the introduction of the VRM-rate, you only need one ticket to use bus and train services across the VRM network, no matter in which of the 406 local zones you start your journey or where you end it.

Easy to calculate

You can work out your fare by counting the number of zones you’ll pass through on your journey. Zones you pass through more than once only count as one.

Example 1

Rides through multiple tariff honeycombs

You start out in zone 1. For all journeys within zone 1, tariff level 1 applies.

For a journey into zone 2, tariff level 2 will apply.

When you continue your journey you reach zone 3 – the third zone you travel through.

Now you can easily determine the fare. You have passed through three zones = tariff level 3 = 5.00 € for a single ticket.

Example 2

Journeys from overlapping areas

Let’s say you start off at a bus stop inside an "overlap zone". These overlap zones are marked with grey circles and mark the borders to neighbouring tariff zones. As you travel through such a zone, it is counted with the neighbouring zones and is not separately billed.

If you pass from an overlap zone into the adjacent tariff zone, tariff level 1 applies. For a journey to tariff zone 2, tariff level 2 will apply. Let’s say your destination is located in zone 3.

Now you can easily read the fare from the price table. You’ve passed through three tariff zones = tariff level 3 = 10.00 € for a day ticket.

The same applies to journeys within overlap zones. They are all part of the adjacent tariff zones and are not separately counted.

Very simple!

You see: This is how easy it is to use bus and rail with the VRM tariff.

If you don't want to count honeycombs to find out your fare, you can also simply enter the start and destination of your journey in our fare information.