Who we are and what we do

VRM – the friendly mobiliser in the region.

About us – the VRM-GmbH

The VRM is a limited company (GmbH).

Our partners are the local authorities of the former administrative district of Koblenz, excepting the local authorities of Birkenfeld and Bad Kreuznach. These were included for reasons of geography in the neighbouring RNN (Rhein-Nahe transport network). By law, local authorities are responsible for designing transport services in their respective areas.

VRM sharholders: Counties and cities

Data on network area

The following data include all areas connected by VRM network.

  • Foundet on January 1st 1996
  • Network area: 6 400 square kilometres
  • Residents: 1.25 million
  • Network:
    • bus: about 9 000 km
    • rail: 499 km
  • Stations/stops
    • bus: about 5 800
    • rail: 137
  • Sales: aprox. 66 million €
  • Transport companies: about 50 concessionaires