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The VRM MobilCard for bus & rail

With the MobilCard, for a one-off annual fee of 9 €, you get a 20% discount on every single ticket by bus or by train that you buy - no matter what price level you select. The VRM MobilCard is valid for 12 months for the entire VRM network.

For example, in price level 1: For just 75 cents a month, you save 40 cents on every ride. At price level 9, you can already be saving up to 2.40 € on every ticket. Ideal for occasional travellers!

Your personal VRM MobilCard

The VRM MobilCard is suitable for customers who travel frequently by bus or train on the VRM network. It is valid for one year and costs 9 € per year.

The VRM MobilCard by subscription

Get the benefits of the VRM MobilCard in the long term on subscription! Your subscription is renewed every year and you receive a new VRM MobilCard in time automatically. We are only able to accept payment by Direct Debit.

Get yours now!

The VRM MobilCard can be ordered either by post or by filling in our online form.

So you can get your VRM-MobilCard

The VRM-mobile card can be ordered via the VRM-MobileCard online-service or by post.

Online order

Ordering your VRM MobilCard is easy with our online form! You will need to attach a passport photograph.  Payment is easy with Direct Debit – alternatively you may choose to carry out a transfer to to VRM (see account details below).

By post (order form)

  1. Fill out the application, attach a passport photograph and send to VRM MobilCard-Service, Schloßstraße 18–20, 56068 Koblenz.
  2. Payment of the annual fee of 9 (within 5 days of submitting the application) to:

Sparkasse Koblenz
IBAN: DE14 5705 0120 0031 0062 73

On request the annual fee will be deducted from your account by Direct Debit.


Flyer MobilCard (85 KB)