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Visitor Card Cochem-Zell

"Free Ride" for the ÖPNV

Since 2011, the Rhein-Mosel transportation association has offered, in cooperation with Cochem-Zell county, the first visitor card in the Rhineland-Palatinate region. This model has proven itself to be successful in other areas. Hotels, hostels, guesthouses, campsites and rental of holiday apartments sign up to be visitor card partners. With this ticket, visitors can use all buses and trains in the regional public transport network (ÖPNV). Interested visitors can find out more about participating accommodation establishments by inquiring at tourist information. A current list can be found here.


The visitor card is valid only within the ÖPNV VRM-area (2nd class trains only – not valid in IC or ICE trains).

Popular ÖPNV network connections are included, such as:


  • Cochem to Martental Monestary (for a hike through the Enderttal) with bus line 713 fromEndertplatz.
  • Ellenz-Poltersdorf to Alf with bus line 711 (Bicycle transportation from 9:00 pm is free ofcharge – on the return from Mosel biking trail)
  • More than 120 hiking and sightseeing destinations that can be reached by bus and train.These are recorded by the Cochem-Zell leisure transportation service and can be found in thenetwork timetable. Alternatively, a PDF version is availble for download as www.cochem-zell.de/freizeitverkehrsdienst. There you can also find and download all bus and train services.

*Photos: Edi Reiz


Guest card users, in addition to free use of the public transport system, receive exclusive discounts on attractive local activities such as a visit to the imperial castle, a ride on the chairlift, a round trip ride on the Mosel Wine-Express or the panoramic train through Cochem including the Beilstein – Ellenz-Poltersdorf ferry.

Cochem-Zell County

Fachbereich 2 - Education and Culture
Department ÖPNV
Tel.: 02671-61621 and 02671-61119 or -610
Internet: www.cochem-zell.de
E-Mail: oepnv(at)cochem-zell.de



Tourist Information Holiday Land Cochem
Endertplatz 1
56812 Cochem
Telefon: 02671 / 60040
Telefax: 02671 / 6004-44
Internet: www.cochem.de/tourismus
e-Mail: info(at)ferienland-cochem.de