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Weekly ticket

The weekly ticket is valid for a whole week! This means for example if you buy your ticket on Wednesday it will remain valid until the end of operations on the following Tuesday! Which gives you plenty of time to explore the city or the region, visit friends and travel wherever you want to go! And if you need to pass your ticket to another person who could use it too – no problem. The weekly ticket is also transferable.

Monthly ticket by subscription

Subscription to the monthly ticket is cheap and easy -no queuing in front of the ticket window and, in addition, you save an average of 16 % compared to the normal monthly ticket!

Subscription time is one year. You will get a coupon for each month. The monthly ticket by subscription is transferable and even lets you bring additional passengers with you - at no extra charge! From Monday to Friday after 7 p.m., one adult and three children (6 – 14 years), as well as a dog, can accompany you for free. There are no time limitations for your companions on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The subscription monthly ticket is therefore great for families – whether it’s for weekend trips, shopping in the city, or just heading over to Grandma’s for a nice cup of tea!

Here you can order your subscription online.

9 o'clock monthly ticket

The 9 o’clock monthly ticket is cheaper than a monthly ticket and valid from Monday to Friday after - it’s all in the name – 9 a.m. On weekends and public holidays, your 9 o’clock ticket is valid without time restriction.

9 o'clock monthly ticket by subscription

There’s more! Purchasing the 9 o’clock monthly ticket on subscription makes it even cheaper. Here again, friends and family can travel with you on the same ticket: on weekdays, one additional adult and three children (6-14 years), as well as your dog can accompany you after 7 p.m at no extra charge. On weekends and public holidays, your companions may travel with no time limitations.

Terms and conditions are the same as those for the monthly ticket by subscription. Application forms are available from all transport companies, or click here.

Here you can order your subscription online.

Subscription request

Here you can choose the current order form for your preferred transport company.

First class surcharge

In the graphic, you will find the prices of special tickets for the first Class use with your weekly ticket, monthly ticket or monthly ticket by suscription.