We’ll find the right ticket for anyone

All information concerning our selection of tickets and tariffs for your journey with the VRM.

Single ticket

Valid for one journey within a selected area including changes. Detours and return trips are not included.

Single tickets are valid from the time of issue:

  • Tariff levels 1 and 2: 1 hour
  • Tariff levels 3 to 6: 2 hours
  • Tariff levels 7 to 9: 5 hours

Within these periods you may interrupt trips if you wish. If the direct route takes longer than is stated for your tariff level, the time will be extended.

Reduced-price single tickets

Children aged 6 to 14 years also save money.


Get the reduced-price single ticket for your kids. If you're travelling with your dog, he is included in the ticket too!


Even better: children under 6 travel for free when accompanied by an older person with a valid ticket. Three children under 6 can travel on one ticket for free!

Single ticket with BahnCard

Holders of a valid BahnCard (BahnCard25, BahnCard50) may buy a single ticket at a reduced price. BahnCard is valid for all tariff levels - so on average you save 25%!

VRM MobilCard

For more information about the VRM MobilCard, click here.

Cycle ticket

When you travel on the VRM network you can also take your bike along. After 9 a.m. Monday to Friday and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, this service is absolutely free!

Enough space for bicycles?

The train company reserves the right to refuse carriage of bicycles, as there is a limited amount of space on most services.

Special terms and conditions apply to the carriage of bicycles on certain bus services.

Single journey eTicket

A real saving
With the eTicket from evm Verkehrs GmbH, you pay about 20% less than for a regular single ticket for adults on buses operated by evm Verkehrs GmbH and on the 301 line operated by KVG (within the Koblenz city limits).

How it Works
eTicket terminals are located on-board the respective buses. First, select your ticket type and then the destination zone. The electronic ticket is booked by presenting your eTicket. Your trips will be deducted from the balance on the card.

The eTicket is transferable and free of charge. All you need is a 5 euro deposit. It can be recharged in increments of five to 100 euros.

The old KEVAG chip, which was used until now for discounted tickets, expires on 1 August 2015. Anyone who still uses the old chip can redeem it at the bus information centre in the Löhr-Center in Koblenz, in exchange for a new eTicket. Any credit balance is thereby transferred or refunded on request together with the deposit.

Single ticket with Chip-Card

The special single Chip-Card ticket is offered by SWBV public transport company in Neuwied county. These company offers the chip card at all points of sale for a deposit of 2.50 €. The chip card can be charged with 5.00 € up to 50.00 € of credit at the point of sale or in the vehicle. For all tariff levels, the single fare is around 20% less than the regular price.