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VRM guest ticket

Establishments offering accommodation  within the VRM (Rhine-Main public transport association) area which participate in the VRM guest ticket programme will provide you with a special benefit during your stay!  You will receive a VRM guest ticket from your accommodation provider.

This ticket entitles the holder to use local public transport in the VRM area free of charge. One guest ticket must be carried per person.

The VRM guest ticket is valid for the duration of your stay in the VRM area. Only the data entered by your host is valid.

Your individual VRM guest ticket is not transferable; only you personally may use the benefits of the ticket during your stay.

The VRM guest ticket cannot be purchased. You can only receive it through your host.

Please carry the guest ticket and the information sheet, which you can download below, with you at all times during your stay - as well as a valid photo ID document.


This VRM guest ticket logo can be used by all participating accommodation providers on their homepage and in information brochures.



Please note these conditions for the guest ticket.

Remember also: when leaving the VRM area by bus and train, you must buy a so-called connecting ticket. To better identify the area of validity, you will find the rail network diagram printed above.

Terms of use for bus & train

1.  The guest ticket is only valid in public transport within the VRM area (in 2nd class trains - not in IC or ICE trains).

2.  The guest ticket is only valid if filled in completely (name and place of residence of the guest with date of arrival and departure must be entered).

If the date of departure cannot be determined in advance, your host will enter the expected date of your departure. If you stay longer than planned, you will receive a new guest ticket.

3. Subsequent changes to the VRM guest ticket will invalidate the ticket.

4.  The guest ticket is valid for passenger transport. The transport of bicycles is free of charge on weekdays after 09.00 a.m., on Sundays and public holidays - as far as the capacities of the vehicles allow.

5. The respective tariff regulations of the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Mosel (VRM) apply to the carriage of animals. In closed boxes carriage is free of charge, otherwise an additional reduced-price single ticket for the corresponding distance has to be purchased.

6. The guest ticket is only valid in conjunction with a valid official photo ID of the person named on the guest ticket.

7.  The guest ticket is not transferable.

8. Contact your host or the local tourist office for more information.

Info sheet VRM guest ticket

Info sheet for participating accommodation providers