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Leisure Tickets

If you have a lot of things to take care of, or lots of sights to see, the VRM day ticket is the right choice. This lets you make unlimited trips for one day within the valid area.

Day ticket

The day ticket lets you use unlimited bus and tran services for one day within the valid area. Are you travelling with a four-legged friend? You can also buy a day ticket that includes your dog!

The day ticket has the advantage that you can pass it on to someone else, provided it is still valid after you have finished using it!

From tariff level 2, the fare for the day ticket is equivalent to the fare for two single tickets. So from tariff level 2 it is better to buy a day ticket than two singles - even if you only want to go there and back.

From tariff level 8, it is acually cheaper to buy a day ticket.

Price table for day tickets

3-day ticket

Stay mobile for longer - ideal for a long weekend

The 3-day ticket is valid for one person on the day of purchase and on the two following days. There are no time restrictions, and you can make as many trips as you like within the valid area.

Your advantage: The 3-day ticket always costs the same as two day tickets. That means you travel for free on the third day!

Good to know: from tariff band 8, the 3-day ticket costs the same as the network ticket. So you can travel by bus and train throughout the entire network for just 37.60 €!

Minigroup ticket

With the Minigroup ticket, up to five people can use unlimited bus and train services for one day. The ticket is valid after 9 a.m. Monday to Friday on a weekday, and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays for the whole day until the end of operations (within the valid area). Your dog can even come along as one of the five! The Minigroup ticket is transferable.

From tariff level 5 it becomes cheaper to buy a Minigroup ticket for two people than two day tickets

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Group ticket

Are you travelling with ten people or more?

Group tickets mean that each person in effect pays a reduced fare for a single  ticket. (To help you work it out, children aged 6 – 14,  one child and a dog or two dogs are all considered  one person.)

You must apply to the relevant transport company in advance to purchase a Group ticket.

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