Over the Rhine and back

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Using the ferries in VRM

There are three ferries in the VRM area which accept VRM tickets. These are:

VRM tickets are available from bus and train companies, but not on the ferries themselves. For those wishing to only use the ferries, the ferry companies’ own tariffs remain applicable.


Loreley Rhine ferry

From the “Fähre” (ferry) bus stop in St. Goar, you can access connections Oberwesel (the 682 and 651 buses) and Boppard (the 651 bus).

From the “Fähre” (ferry) bus stop in St. Goarshausen, you can travel to Nastätten on the 580 and 530 buses. You can also travel to Kaub on the train SE10 bus and to Dachsenhausen on the 545 bus.

Contact details:
Fähre Loreley GmbH & Co. KG
Bahnhofstraße 15
56346 St. Goarshausen
Tel.: (06771) 2620
Fax: (06771) 2404
E-Mail: info(at)faehre-loreley.de
Online: www.faehre-loreley.de

Boppard Rhine ferry

It’s roughly a ten-minute walk from Boppard train station to the town’s ferry terminal. From Filsen train station, you can reach the ferry terminal in around 20 minutes by foot. On the right-hand side of the Rhine, the RMV 575 bus also stops by the ferry terminal – look out for the “Filsen Fähre Boppard” (Filsen Ferry Boppard) stop. The 575 bus goes from Braubach to St. Goarshausen via Osterspai, Filsen, Kamp-Bornhofen and Kestert.

On the left-hand side of the Rhine, in the Boppard area, there are several bus stops close to the ferry terminal: these are served by the 611, 614, 615, 650 and 651 buses. Boppard Central Station is also very close by. From there, you can access regional express and regional trains, as well as some InterCity departures (those travelling the left-hand Rhine route) and a connection to Emmelshausen on the Hunsrück train line.

Using a mini group ticket, daytrippers and walkers can conveniently travel from the Rheinsteig to the Rheinburgenweg trail.

Contact details:
Rheinfähre Boppard
Pielstraße 7
56154 Boppard
Tel.: (06742) 899722
E-Mail: tony(at)rheinfaehre-boppard.de
Online: www.faehre-boppard.de



Ehrenbreitstein Rhine Ferry

The Ehrenbreitstein ferry connects the centre of Koblenz with Ehrenbreitstein, on the right-hand side of the Rhine. For those who would rather avoid using the cable car, the ferry also offers a speedy connection between Ehrenbreitstein and the “Deutsches Eck” (German Corner), from where you can travel in comfort into the centre of town or to Central Station on the number 1 bus.

From Ehrenbreitstein station, you can travel to Immendorf on the number 9 bus, to Arzheim on the number 10 bus, to Asterstein and to Vallendar on the 358 bus. You also have the option of travelling to Hachenburg on the 160 bus, to Siershahn on the 310 bus, to Montabaur on the 460 bus, to Neuwied on the 994 bus and to Mönchengladback on regional train RE8.

Contact details:
Gilles Personenschifffahrt GmbH
56179 Vallendar
Tel. 0261 / 63127
Fax 0261 / 679535
E-Mail: info(at)gilles-personenschifffahrt.de
Online: http://www.gilles-personenschifffahrt.de/