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Download Centre - Timetables

All timetable information is available to download here.


Our timetable information is divided into eight sections. The information regarding Koblenz and Mayen-Koblenz has been summarised for clarity.

Ordering timetables

If you would like to request one of the association timetables, please send us an email.

Sections 2 and 4 can be sent individually, free of charge.. For section 1 and 3 (Koblenz / Mayen-Koblenz) we take a nominal fee of 1 €. 

Postage costs are as follows:

  • Sections 1 + 3 and 2: 2.40 €,
  • Any other individual section: 1.45 €

After you place your order you will receive a letter containing our bank details. Once we have received the requested fee your order will be dispatched.

Thank you!

VRM regular interval rail timetable

The VRM regular interval timetable is a graphical schedule which is also called a systematic timetable. Using the Rhineland-Palatinate cycle, one can illustrate the trains’ arrival and departure times on a map, because the cycle repeats itself hourly. The lengths of the cycles are inscribed with direction arrows at the various stations in order to keep track of your departure and arrival time.