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Downloadcentre – Tickets und Tariffs

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Preis table

Price table (447 KB)

Tariff zone map

Time-restricted tickets

Student tickets

Leisure tickets

60-Plus ticket


VRM-MobilCard (2 MB)

Ticket info

Ticket info (4 MB)

Subscription order form

The subscription order form for monthly tickets, 9 o’clock monthly tickets, 60-Plus tickets, student monthly tickets, IC surcharge and first class travelling, can be downloaded here.

Student customer card

Student customer card (561 KB)

The student customer card is needed in combination with the student monthly ticket. It serves as proof of authorization. The application form is available to download here.

Student-Plus ticket

The orderform for the Student Plus Ticket you revcieve from your transport company.

Tariff provisions and conditions of carriage

Tariff transition for Rhine-Lahn-/Rhinegau-Taunus

Tariff transition for Rhine-Lahn-/Rhinegau-Taunus (159 KB)

Tariff transitions between the county of Rhine-Lahn and Rhinegau-Taunus and the city of Limburg can be found here.